Manage your second home

The housEvolve System

Overheat Freeze Extreme temperatures can occur in your home for many reasons. Among them are Heating & Air Conditioner malfunctions, power failures, fuel shortages or improper thermostat settings. Left unaddressed, such extremes lead to severe problems:
    Low temperatures
  • Cause flooding due to frozen water pipes bursting open
  • Lead to condensation on interior walls

    High temperatures

  • Endanger the well-being of pets and plants left alone in the house
  • Lead to mold growth
Becoming aware of abnormal temperature conditions in a timely manner is critical, particularly when you are away from home, in order to address the situation before consequences become dire.

housEvolve Temperature Monitoring and Control Kit

Thermostat Kit The housEvolve Temperature Monitoring and Control Kit places your home's climate control at your fingertips, anywhere in the world! The system measures temperature at multiple locations in your house, providing you with a comprehensive indoor climate snapshot. At the same time, housEvolve monitors the operation of your Heater & Air Conditioner and checks for power failures to provide you with an early warning of conditions that can lead to temperature problems later on.

If a temperature-related problem is detected (such as Freeze, Overheat, HVAC system malfunction or Power failure) the system will call you and report the situation, at the same time giving you full control over the thermostat!

You can always call your home to check the current temperature or change your thermostat's settings remotely. Add a housEvolve Water Presence Detector or Garage Door Controller module to the Temperature Monitoring and Control Kit and gain the ability to monitor and control your home's water supply or garage door remotely too! See Demo

Kit Includes:
  • housEvolve Main Controller with rechargeable battery backup, AC power adapter and 7ft telephone data cable. Model he_ti. Built-in Current Temperature and Power Failure reporting over the phone.
  • housEvolve Thermostat with mounting hardware and 25ft network cable. Model he_th_st1, he_th_hp1 or he_ti, depending on HVAC system type. Fully programmable digital thermostat gives you full access over your indoor temperature controls from home or away. Reports problems with your Heating/Air Conditioning system, Freeze and Overheat Conditions.

Made in the USA