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housEvolve Thermostat

Thermostat Compatibility information:
  • Model he_th_st1 supports all standard 1Heat/1Cool, single-return, 24Vac HVAC systems. Many dual-return systems are also supported, please contact us for more information if your HVAC system falls into this category
  • Model he_th_hp1 supports 24Vac, single-stage Heat Pump HVAC systems with or without auxiliary heat.
  • Model he_th1 provides support for either of the above HVAC system categories, selectable through the user interface.
Please note: Modern digital thermostats require a connection to the HVAC "Common" terminal for power. All housEvolve thermostat models also require this connection, but only in Stand-Alone mode. This connection is optional when used with a housEvolve Main Controller because power is also available through the housEvolve system connection. This makes housEvolve thermostats directly compatible with many older thermostat cables and HVAC system configurations.

Thermostat as a Stand-Alone product:
  • Fully programmable digital thermostat (daily, weekday, weekend; 9-event program capability)
  • Automatic HVAC state changeover (Heat-A/C)
  • Two-stage display backlight system allows for no-touch viewing in most lighting conditions
  • Simple, 5-button user-interface
Thermostat used with a housEvolve Main Controller:
    The housEvolve thermostat becomes fully interactive, providing remote access to its capabilities.

    1. Monitoring. All current thermostat settings are available remotely:

  • Current temperature reading
  • Current target temperature setting
  • Current HVAC operating mode (Ex: Heat, A/C, Fan, Off)
  • 2. Control. Change thermostat settings remotely:

  • Set the thermostat's target temperature, over the phone, to any value in the allowed range (45-85 degrees).
  • Set the HVAC system operating mode over the phone
  • 3. Alerts. Become aware of temperature-related problems in you home as soon as they emerge. The housEvolve system will call you to report the following conditions:

  • Temperature-out-of-bounds Alert. Issued if the indoor temperature falls 5 degrees or more below the thermostat's set temperature in Heat mode, or if the indoor temperature rises 5 degrees or more above the thermostat's set temperature in A/C mode. This is an extremely useful early-warning feature, indicating a problem with the HVAC system (ex: malfunction, out of fuel, etc), or the impact of a prolonged power outage condition in your home
  • Freeze Alert. Issued if the indoor temperature falls below 40 degrees, regardless of HVAC operating mode (Heat, A/C, Off)
  • Overheat Alert. Issued if the indoor temperature climbs above 90 degrees, regardless of HVAC operating mode (Heat, A/C, Off)
  • Power Failure Alert. Issued to alert the user to the fact that the HVAC system is currently off-line due to lack of power
  • In addition, the housEvolve system's Rechargeable Battery Backup Feature allows uninterrupted remote access to the thermostat module under power failure conditions for extended periods.

    NOTE: Multiple thermostat modules may be used with a housEvolve Main Controller to support zoned climate control applications.

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