The houEvolve System


housEvolve: (n., hous-e-volv) a system that allows you to manage and control your remote property's environment, such as a business or second home, from anywhere in the world. housEvolve provides comprehensive environmental alerts, such as temperature too low or water presence detected, and provides you with the ability to interact with and control the remote environment. 

Can you talk to your home? Can it talk back?

  • housEvolve speaks to you through a voice interface similar to voicemail.
  • housEvolve will call you with a warning of abnormal conditions so you can respond quickly when you're away.
  • Call housEvolve to check up on or change current conditions inside your home or business.

housEvolve is Safe and Cost-Effective

  • Telephone access means
    No threat from Internet hackers gaining access to your home
  • No requirement for third-party monitoring means...
    No strangers have access to your home
    No recurring monitoring or maintenance fees

housEvolve is Customizable and Expandable

  • Control costs by buying only the components you need.
  • Easily upgrade. housEvolve's true plug-and-play design allows you to seamlessly expand the system at anytime.

housEvolve is Easy to Set Up, Use and Maintain

  • Setup: Once new components are physically installed, housEvolve will automatically learn your system configuration. All you need to do is enter a pass code used to identify you when calling housEvolve, and the phone numbers where you can be reached if a condition is detected that requires your attention.
  • Use: Can you make a phone call? Then you can use housEvolve. The system guides you through all its features using a voice interface and you make your choices known by pressing buttons on your phone's keypad.
  • Maintenance: housEvolve is designed to operate reliably and unobtrusively for years without any maintenance required.

What can housEvolve do for you?

housEvolve brings to you, over the phone, the necessary access capabilities to continue caring for your remote property just as effectively as you are used to at home. These are:




  • Set the target temperature, individually, at each thermostat in the system
  • Set the desired HVAC operating state (Heat, A/C, Off)
  • Open or Close water valves
  • Automatic valve shut-off in areas affected by water intrusion
  • Open/Close, individually, each garage door connected to the system
  • Change garage door keypad access code
  • Change access phone numbers and password
  • Request a system call-back to a trusted phone number
  • Check the current temperature at multiple points in your home
  • Check the target temperature at every thermostat in the system (Heat, Off, A/C)
  • Check the current HVAC operating system state
  • Check the current garage door state (Open/Closed)
  • Receive Freeze (below 40F) and Overheat (above 90F) alerts
  • Receive HVAC problem alerts (temperature out of bounds by 5F or more)
  • Receive Power Failure alerts
  • Receive water presence detected alerts with affected area mapping(specific sensors affected)
  • Receive garage door Time-Out alerts (failure to complete an Open/Close command)
  • Receive low back-up battery alerts
  • Receive system diagnostic alerts (failure to communicate with system components)