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The housEvolve System

housEvolve Garage Door Controller

Garage Door Controller Compatibility Information:
  • Compatible with all garage door openers.
    • Optional Accessories:
      • The Garage Door Controller module may be used with an optional water-resistant, secure door access keypad. Available separately.
      • When used in Stand-Alone mode, the Garage Door Controller requires a dedicated power supply, available separately.
      • Garage Door Controller as a Stand-Alone product (used with optional keypad):
        • Offers local access to your garage door.
        • Status indicators alert the user to conditions that prevent door operation (no power, no password defined, etc).
        • Temporary keypad lockout on repeated incorrect password entries.
        • Unobtrusive operation: the user can continue to make use of all previously available means to control the garage door.
        Garage Door Controller used with a housEvolve Main Controller:
          Offers full access to the garage door from any phone.

          1. Monitoring:

        • Check the current door state (open/closed).
        • 2. Control:

        • Open and close door remotely with confirmation.
        • Change outdoor keypad password remotely (if used with optional keypad module).
        • 3. Alerts:

        • Door Activation Time-out Alert. Issued if door failed to open/close after being instructed to do so.
        • Door Open Too Long Alert. Issued if door is left open for longer than 30 minutes.
        • Keypad Lockout Alert. Issued if the local access keypad becomes temporarily locked out following repeated, incorrect password entry attempts.
        • In addition, the housEvolve system's Rechargeable Battery Backup Feature allows uninterrupted remote access to the Garage Door Controller module under power failure conditions for extended periods.

          NOTE: Multiple Garage Door Controller modules may be used with a housEvolve Main Controller to control the operation of additional garage doors.

        Made in the USA

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